Transportation Routes 

In 2017, the Illinois Department of Transportation along with the Oak Grove School Board designated the intersection of Airport Road and Pfeiffer Rd as a serious safety hazard for K-8 students.  This designation allows the district to provide reimbursable transportation to the students of the district to and from school.  Each year prior to the school year beginning, students are assigned bus routes for pick up and drop off and any changes to student pick up or drop off must be communicated through the school office.  Below, please find more information regarding the bus routes as well as drop off and pick up procedures.

​​Bus Routes:
​Oak Grove School District #68 will support three bus routes.  Bus routes will be communicated to parents prior to the school year beginning and when any changes to routes are necessary.  Parents that know that they will drop off students each day should let the school office know as soon as possible that there child will be a car rider. Alternate drop off or pick-up due to baby-sitters should be communicated to the main office and will be limited. The route stops are subject to change as the district receives new students and students should be at their assigned stop at least 5 to 10 minutes ahead of the scheduled pick up time.

Drop Off Procedures:
There are three options for students coming to school.  The first is to have your student consistently ride the bus.  Second, students may be walkers, a reminder that students will not be let in the building until 8:30 unless they are dropped off by the bus, purchase a breakfast, are in the YMCA before school program, or are taking a zero hour class. In the event of inclement weather students will be brought inside.  Parents dropping off their students should stay in their car and go to door 8 for student drop off. 

Pick Up Procedures:
There are three options for picking up your student after school.  The first is to have your student consistently ride the bus.  Second, you may pick up your student in the West parking lot, door 3.  Parents picking up their students should stay in their car and follow the line.  Parents are strongly discouraged from parking, getting out of the car, and walking across traffic.  For those that would like their students to walk to the LCHS parking lot for parent pick-up may do so to avoid the long line at door three, the office will need to be notified and the teacher will need to be made aware that they will be a "walker" to LCHS.  A note then must be provided each day they would be picked up at door 3. Junior High students will need to know what they are doing for that day.  Please do not park in the neighborhood across the street from Oak Grove School, not only is it not safe, it is not neighborly.  We appreciate your support!