About Our District

Oak Grove School, District 68,  encompasses the Bartonville community, a suburban area of Peoria. It's located within the County of Peoria. After completing eighth grade, students are transferred to Limestone Community High School. 

District #68 consisted of two schools up until the start of the 2017-18 school year when two buildings became one, Oak Grove School. Oak Grove East was a K-4 elementary school and Oak Grove West was a 5-8 junior high school. The facilities were consolidated with the construction of a new elementary wing, two additional classrooms and an auxiliary gym.  Oak Grove School is a K-8 facility. Our district serves approximately 275 students and 45 staff members. We have two classrooms per grade level in the district through 4th grade with class size ratios in the mid to upper teens per teacher. Our students have a wide variety of extra-curricular activities such as athletic programs, cheer leading, art, music, band, speech contest and scholastic bowl.

Our district is committed to providing our students with access to technology.  Each student uses an assigned Chromebooks that classroom teachers utilize in their lessons. Each teacher's room is equipped with the latest SMARTBoard, a document camera, and a laptop to control both devices.  

Our district is driven by our mission statement which states: "The mission of Oak Grove School District is to provide an opportunity for every student to master grade level skills regardless of previous academic performance, family background, socioeconomic status, race, or gender. We will measure our achievement based on local and state assessments and overall classroom performance. The entire staff pledges to ensure student success by providing a positive learning environment that meets the needs of every child."