Oak Grove Cares - Before & After Care Program

Oak Grove Cares

Before & After Care Program

OG Cares Coordinator: Mrs. Susan Taylor - staylor@og68.org

OG Cares Assistant: Ms. Kiera Monday

Drop-Off & Pick-Up is at Door 7 at the back of the building.  Please use the buzzer to notify the staff that you are coming into the building.  Make sure that you checkin and checkout each day.

The Oak Grove Cares program is meant to provide a safe, fun, and educational place for your before and after school needs.  We hope to ensure that all students have a great experience.  Below you will find a step by step process for applying for the Oak Grove Cares program.  

Peoria County ROE 48 PreSchool For All (PFA) will not be able to send their students to before or after care in the OG Cares program. The license exempt status (761) is provided for school aged children, those enrolled in Kindergarten through age 12.

Step One - Learn about the program

  • First determine your need for child care and if Oak Grove would be a good place for your student(s) either before / after or both before and after school.

  • Read the welcome letter provided at this link: Oak Grove Cares Welcome Letter

  • Currently, we are limiting our space to 20 to 25 students in the morning and afternoon programs.  We will give priority to students that are in both morning and after care as well as those that need to utilize the services the greatest number of days.

  • We do not offer the program for Bright Futures or PreSchool For All (ROE48) students housed at OG.

  • ALL students wishing to enroll must be potty trained to be in the program. OG Cares staff will not change or provide toileting services for students, if an accident occurs, it is the parents responsibility to come to school and provide toileting needs and a change in clothing. Frequent accidents will require removal from the program.

  • Read the Oak Grove Program Information document to better understand your costs, calendar, and options according to the fee structure.

Step Two - Make application - 23-24 Application Opens July 20th, 2023

If you believe that the Oak Grove Cares program would be a good fit for you and your family.  We encourage you to make application to the program by completing the registration form.  

Oak Grove Cares Registration Form - Registration is Closed for 23-24

Note: The maximum capacity of the program is 25 students.  Every effort will be made to provide services to as many Oak Grove families as possible. If the program is at capacity, parents / guardians can request to be placed on the waiting list. Students on the waiting list will be notified of openings as soon as one becomes available.  The OG Cares coordinator will continue down the list until the slot is filled.

Step Three - Acceptance or placement on the waiting list

Upon approval, the Oak Grove Cares Coordinator will contact those accepted into the program to finalize details of enrollment.  A schedule will be set as well as verifying contacts and pick up procedures.  Any additional paperwork will also be completed.  Billing will begin at the end of August, as to ensure everyone understands the process and how to make payment.  Once again, your patience is appreciated as we work through the first few months of the program.

Final Step - While in the program / Continuous enrollment

While in the program, parents / guardians are expected to keep the Oak Grove Cares Coordinator informed of all changes or updates to contacts as well as who can pick up their students.  Also, students are expected to display appropriate behavior while in the before and after care program.  Students that are continuously disobedient or have three discipline infractions may be required to leave the program. We will keep your student(s) in the OG Cares program until such time that you unenroll them.  You can unenroll them by notifying the Oak Grove Cares Coordinator, in writing either by written letter or email with an effective last day.  We must have this documentation for auditing purposes to ensure that attendance days match billed days of services.

Final Message 

If you should have any questions regarding the program, fee structure, or attendance please first contact Mrs. Taylor, the Oak Grove Cares Coordinator. We look forward to providing you this service and having a wonderful experience for your students! It's a Great Day to Be An Eagle!

Compliance Statements

Board Policy #8:30 - No person on school property or at a school event (including visitors, students, and employees) shall perform any of the following acts: Unless specifically permitted by State law, possess a weapon, any object that can reasonably be considered a weapon or looks like a weapon, or any dangerous device.

Potential OG Cares parent or guardian, be advised and understand that the OG Cares facility and program are not licensed or regulated by the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) and is a Licensed-Exempt Day Care Center (761).