Registration - Opening July 20, 2023

Oak Grove Online Registration - OG Returning Students
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RESIDENCY MUST BE VERIFIED AND APPROVED BY DISTRICT ADMINISTRATION:  A student's residence is the same as the person who has legal custody of the student.  Individuals who register students must have or share legal (50% each) custody of the student and will be required to provide 2 documents as proof of residency at an address within the district at the time of registration. This includes a tax bill, utility bill, and/or legal mortgage or signed lease agreement with the custodial parent's name with a physical address within the district boundaries. Drivers' Licenses are NOT an acceptable form of residency as it may not reflect a current address.  If there is a custody or address question that needs to be explored by the administration, your residency may be denied or you may be asked to register once the documentation is verified .  If you have special custody of a prospective student (i.e. grandparents, fostering, or economic hardship requiring residence with parents, etc.) an appointment with the Superintendent should be made prior to registration. Any returning students with a new address need to get residency checked in the office prior to registering for the new year.


Need Help?

  • Returning Student's Parents - Click on the picture and open the tutorial, if possible use the tutorial to register your children.

  • New to the District?  Click on the link at the bottom of this page for new families to request access to TeacherEase for registration.

  • Have a potential Bright Futures Pre-Kindergartner or ECE student contact Bright Futures directly to determine screening locations and placement, if Oak Grove is the placement determined by Bright Futures, contact the Oak Grove office for registration information.

  • Have a potential Pre-school For All student through the Regional Education Office contact the PFA through the ROE to determine screening and placement, if Oak Grove is the placement determined by PFA a list of students in the program is provided to Oak Grove administration, there is no need to register at Oak Grove for this program.

Types of Student Registration at Oak Grove School

Note: Oak Grove School District #68 does not refuse to enroll a student because of a student's failure to present his/her student permanent or temporary records from a school attended previously.

 Please click here to request access to TeacherEase for online registration.

Note: Your request will be processed by the Oak Grove Office staff as soon as possible.  Residency will be reviewed by the given address prior to allowing a new family to register within Oak Grove School District #68 by Dr. Baele. If there is a question about residency Dr. Baele will contact the family for more information.