Section 1 - School Organization

Oak Grove Board Policy

The Oak Grove School District #68 utilizes board policies to provide guidance and oversight to itself, administration, staff, and community.  The Board Policy manual is a large collection of policies, administrative procedures, and exhibits that assist in the smooth operation of the school district.  The Board of Education utilizes the IASB Press Plus subscription to assist in keeping up to date with current laws and policy.  Although every effort will be made to have the up to date policy referenced on this page, anyone inquiring about a specific policy should contact the District office to ensure the referenced policy is up to date.  If you should have any question regarding School District Policy, please contact, Dr. Loren Baele at or 309-697-3367.

 Board Policy Manual Section One - School District Organization

1:10 - School District Legal Status
ā€‹1:20 - District Organization, Operations, and Cooperative Agreements
1:30 - School District Philosophy