Junior High

Sixth Grade


Map Stats for Kids
Learn about statistics by playing the fun games on this site

Mode, Median, and Mean
Complete this challenge to practice finding mode, median, and mean

Model Algebra
Interactive site for modeling and solving one- and two-step equations on a balance

Algebra vs. the Cockroaches
Interactive game – try to guess the equation of the line before the cockroaches take over!

Make X
Use your algebra skills to reach the target number “x”

Language Arts

Mr. Nussbaum's Games
various interactive educational games

The Adjective Detective
A fun site where students can review adjectives and then play a game to test their knowledge

Ball Hogs
Identify synonyms and antonyms while winning a tennis tournament with your selected hog.  Ball Hogs allows for 1, 2, and 8 player games.

Word Builder
The factory words are jumbled!  Help the workers spell the words correctly so that they can get their factory back in working order.

Sheppard Software
Play fun grammar review games and test your basic grammar skills.